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Spare-parts offer
Spare-parts offer
In our offer we have wide range of spare-perts for all type of building machinery. In our firm is also possible to order tools for various Building Machinery.
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    Gear and piston pumps, hydraulic motors, directional valves, and other commonly used valves, hydraulic lines:

  •   Waryński
  •   Bosch
  •   Bucher Hydraulics
  •   Caproni
  •   Casappa
  •   Danfoss
  •   Eaton
  •   Husco
  •   Hydromatik
  •   Kawasaki
  •   Linde
  •   Rexroth & Mannesmann
  •   Sauer
  •   Vickers
  •   Volvo
    Drive axles:
  •   Carraro
  •   Comer
  •   Dana
  •   Clark-Hurth
  •   Eaton
  •   One-way acting hydraulic cilinders
  •   Two-way acting hydraulic cilinders

  • safety couplings "SYNTEX", "RUFLEX"
  • elastic couplings "POLY-NORM"; "POLY"; "CENTA"
  • sprzęgła płytkowe skrętnie sztywne "RADEX-N"
  • Tooth coupling "BoWex"
    Zęby systemu:
  • Bosfor
  • Caterpillar
  • Combi
  • Esco
  • Esti
  • Lehnhoff

  • steel made
  • rubber made
  • steel-rubber made
    We are able to recover or exchange pins and specialy suited faucets. We also provide new welded parts (boms, quick hitch mechanisms and frames) for our costumers (domestic and imported are included). We offer original spare-parts for  diesel engines:

    Hanomag, Kramer, Liebherr, Cummins, Perkins, Deutz.

    And finally we recover machines' equipment such as loaders, excavatiors, hydraulic breakers.

    Tires used in building machinery:
  • Mittas
  • Barum
  • Solideal
  • Stomil
  • Triangle Tyre (chinees)